About Shoot 4 Change Archive

S4C (Shoot 4 Change) is a non-profit network of photographers who share part of their spare time to lend their “eyes” to those who cannot afford it: ONGs, local communities, charity events, etc.

This area is the photo Archive of S4C to showcase  selected reportages and stories. 

Single photos or entire reportages can be sold to finance social projects.

If contributors and clients are willing to support  S4C buying offline selected photos, mail us for ad hoc arrangements.

We stress the fact that due to the non-profit nature of S4C, all revenues will be used to reimbourse the costs of the photographers and to finance (entirerly or in part) ad hoc social projects.

This particular business model aims to encourage photographers creativity, remunerate their efforts while - at the same time - triggering social change by raising awareness on social issues and to try to offer concrete help.

S4C photographers, around the World, focus on witnessing untold (or seldom told) stories.

Help us make the change through photography!

Antonio Amendola
S4C Founder and CEO