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Gay pride parade through the streets of New York City<br />
(by Paolo Quadrini/S4C)<br />
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Two days after the approval by the Senate of the State of New York of the law authorizing the marriages of same-sex couples, one of the largest and oldest parades in the defense of gay rights becomes a huge festive march to celebrate a historic triumph LBGT movement, not just American.<br />
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More than two million people, according to organizers, marched from 36th Street along Fifth Avenue to downtown to Greenwich Village, a symbol of the struggle gay pride to assert their own identity, while fully respecting the equality of rights but especially to party, to say thank you in New York and Andrew Cuomo, Governor of the State, said Italian-American and Catholic, one of the biggest promoters of the Marriage Equality Act and signatory.<br />
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He too was in the crowd, along with Mayor Bloomberg and other notables of the political and social scene in New York.